"...a string band of ace pickers and visionaries"

-Jurgen Gothe, CBC Radio


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01 -- The Texas Hambone Blues.mp3
02 -- Colorado Turnaround.mp3
03 -- Everytime I'm Missin' You.mp3
04 -- In My Time Of Dyin'.mp3
05 -- Mad Headed Woman.mp3
06 -- Elizabeth's Waltz.mp3
07 -- Why You Been Gone So Long.mp3
08 -- Lonesome Wind Blues.mp3
09 -- With The Wind.mp3
10 -- The Wrath Of God.mp3
11 -- Three Quarter Moon.mp3
12 -- I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open.mp3

"Great Northern is an exciting new string band, made up of five innovative traditionalists. They have kept the guitar, bass and mandolin, but replaced the fiddle with a cello and five-string viola, making them the foremost practitioners of the low and lonesome sound. Great Northern has strong bluesy vocals, original instrumentals with tight arrangements, interesting cover material and a solid rhythmic feel, all the elements that make up a great band!"

-John Reischman


01. Crazy Heart
02. Hooligan Grease
03. Sound Of Poor Hearts Breaking
04. Railroad Worksong
05. Temperance Reel Intro
06. Temperance Reel
07. Still In Love With You
08. Just One Time
09. Streamline Cannonball
10. Katie On The Jumperoo
11. Sweeter Love
12. Hold Whatcha Got
13. Walkin' The Dog

Low Lonesome has been awarded the 1999 “Wilf Carter Western Canadian Award” by the Great North Wind Radio Program in Ontario. See reviews of Low Lonesome from Kim Bates, of Greenman Review, who says, “I can recommend this disc on the strength of the instrumentals alone.” Reviewer Timothy Keene, of Rambles Magazine, says, “If you are a bluegrass fan, a southerner by location or heart, or a fan of good folk music, I recommend this album for your library.”


01 -- Little Bird.mp3
02 -- Frosty Morning.mp3
03 -- Judas Is My Name.mp3
04 -- When I Was a Cowboy.mp3
05 -- Louise.mp3
06 -- The Hurting When You Go.mp3
07 -- Glasgow Gaelic.mp3
08 -- Blue and Lonesome.mp3
09 -- Magnolia.mp3
10 -- If I Stay.mp3
11 -- Stonpin' At Decca.mp3
12 -- Bonaparte's Retreat.mp3

"This is an absolutely fascinating and captivating project full of new sounds, cool tunes, solid playing ... and some of the most imaginative arrangements I've heard in a long time.  The use of the cello & viola really makes this CD - it gives these songs a whole different (and wonderful slant)."-Dave Higgs, Bluegrass Breakdown, WPLN-FM, Nashville

"I'd put this up against pretty much any of the recent bluegrass releases I've heard in the past year, and expect it to come out ahead...If you've not heard of this Vancouver group, now is the time to remedy that situation." -Greenman Review

"This is a collection of songs that every fan of acoustic music of any stripe will listen to again and again." -Dan "Buck" Buckner, KGNU-FM, Boulder, Colorado.

Sarah Meador, a reviewer for Rambles magazine, in her comments on Great Northern 3, speaks of the "gentle undertones of this energetic, good-natured album", and says,
"…the instrumentals on the album showcase Great Northern's string-plucking prowess …the impressive variety of Great Northern's strings is almost hidden by the smooth unity of their sound." - http://www.rambles.net/greatnorthern_3.html "


Members of the band are:

Doug Thordarson - 5-string viola, vocals

Tim Eccles - guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, lead vocals

Brian Samuels - cello, 5-string cello, chromatic dulcimer, vocals

Craig McGregor - mandolin, guitar

Iain MacIntyre - banjo, guitar

Paul Bergman - bass